fbv: the FrameBuffer Viewer

This is a temporary homepage until the project setup is finished. It will certainly be replaced by a wiki.


fbv (FrameBuffer Viewer) is a simple program to view pictures on a linux framebuffer device. In 2000, when fbv was created, there were no other situable programs performing the same task, so the authors decided to follow the rule: 'If you need a tool - write it yourself!' :-)


Tomasz 'smoku' Sterna tomek@smoczy.net and Mateusz 'mteg' Golicz mtg@elsat.net.pl are the initial authors of the fbv project. In 2009 Mateusz say it no longer need fbv tool and is open to let someone start a comunity project for it. You can still access his sources archives.

The source code is now in the main repository of fbv.